Feels like coming home

Taking this yoga teaching journey feels like coming home. Now, I cannot picture my life or my purpose without it and without yoga. My gratitude feels too immense to express; it can only be felt, sent wordlessly.

There is so much I couldn’t have fathomed at the beginning of this journey: the way I would love being a student, again, but a student in a classroom that is not rigid, but one that seeks to free its students. One that seeks to point them within themselves and say, “That is the way.” I couldn’t have fathomed what I’ve learned about myself. The way I would cherish the physical practice in community. And, of course, the way each of you (meaning all the teachers and fellow students) would move me, grow me, and show me love and support in ways I never imagined.

I would like to say I am a different person, but I am not: instead, I am more truly who I am.

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