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Practices + Teachings to Inspire and Nourish

A unique monthly offering designed to REFILL your cup, NOURISH your soul and INSPIRE your teachings and practice.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re going it alone? Or settling for sporadic teacher centered practices and trainings to enrich your studies and practice? Not to mention trying to fit them into your busy schedule and your budget! 

True Teacher is a monthly touchstone to keep you connected to your own practice, light a spark for your teachings and a place to gather and mingle with fellow teachers all at your own convenience. 

As yoga teachers ourselves, we understand the demands of teaching yoga and how important it is to keep yourself nourished, inspired and educated – especially with the all the changes the pandemic has brought to our industry!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Consistent steady practice is the nectar of a yogic lifestyle. But how do you fit it in to your busy world? Enjoy our specialized monthly offering of recorded classes to fuel your daily sadhana. You’ll get:

  • A 60 minute Full Spectrum practice
  • A 60 minute Restorative Practice
  • A 45 minute energy balancing practice
  • A 20 minute Asana practice for Meditation and Samadhi
  • A Meditation practice
  • A Pranayama practice
  • And a 60 minute LIVE Sangha on Zoom

Each month will have a different intention and focus.

Experience the power of breath with a curated Pranayama practice

Ancient yogis understood the power of harnessing the breath to direct energy and create transformation. Explore a monthly pranayama practice that includes the how’s, why’s and benefits plus a teaching script so you can share the power of pranayama with your community.

Pose of the Month, Anatomical Education, Sequencing Tips, Class Templates and Inspiration

Our Pose of the Month highlights a specific asana with a deep exploration of its anatomy, sequencing, alignment and how to make it accessible to all. Receive monthly themed Class Scripts, Sequencing Templates, Anatomy Education and a Practice Journal.

Gain an understanding of Energetics + Mantra to take your teachings and practice to another level

Here in the West, yoga tends to focus mainly on the physical asana practice. Knowledge of energetics, subtle anatomy and mantra allows you to craft potent and meaningful classes for your community and ultimately deepens your self awareness.

Connect LIVE with our community of teachers and yogis each month

We know how important and inspiring personal connection and community is. Fill your cup by mingling with other teachers and yogis in our LIVE Monthly Sangha! We’ll meditate together as a group followed up with group chat, Q+A and fun!

Practice Svadhyaya (self-study) with Monthly Wisdom + Yoga Philosophy

Each month, we’ll focus on teachings of classical yogic wisdom. Learn how you can weave more wisdom and philosophy into your teachings and enrich your personal practice.

True Teacher

Monthly Practices + Teachings
$ 497 One-Time Lifetime Access
  • Monthly Themed Inspiration
  • 4 Full length practices to fit your schedule
  • LIVE Monthly Sangha, Meditation + Q+A
  • Meditation Practice of the Month
  • Pranayama Practice + Teaching Script
  • Pose of Month + Anatomical Education
  • Sequencing Tips, Class Templates + Inspiration
  • Energetics + Mantras
  • Yogic Philosophy + Wisdom
  • Ayurveda, Essential Oils, Crystals, Moon Phases + More

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While our content is geared towards yoga teachers, any yogi who wants to explore the deeper aspects of the yoga practice are welcome to join. You’ll get a lot out of it. 

All the classes are available to stream only.

Of course. If at anytime you want to cancel you can do so easily through our self-service billing system.

Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.

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