Unlimited Access to 600 Yoga Classes!

The Digital Class Library gives you unlimited access to 600 full-length yoga classes!

Only $10.99 per month

Access your favorite classes with your favorite teachers wherever you want, whenever you need.

Our digital platform gives you the flexibility to practice any of your favorite classes with your favorite teachers whenever and wherever you want. Feel like taking a class with Dana in your living room? Or what about getting funky with a Funky Flow class with Marguerite on the beach? As long as you have an internet connection, you can practice anywhere you want.

Choose the right class for you in the moment.

Tune in to yourself and choose the class that calls to you in this moment. The Digital Class Library has 19 different types of yoga classes and a section of special classes. Experience the power of Yoga Nidra or get your sweat on with our most popular Sweat & Serenity class. 

Create a custom practice schedule for yourself.

Our Digital Class Library frees you from having to practice at a specific time and day of the week. Practice at a time that works for you and your schedule. 

Deepen your practice by exploring different styles of yoga.

Curious to try some pranayama? The Pranayama – Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath) class in the special classes section is waiting for you. Want to take a mid-day recharge? Try one of the short 30 minute classes in the Lunchtime Flow & Meditate section.

Digital Class Library

Unlimited Access
$ 10
  • 600 Yoga Classes
  • Unlimited Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’re a member of the Digital Class Library, you can access any of the 600 classes that are available as many times as you want. 

Yes. The Atha Yoga Training online platform is accessible from any mobile device. Just open your browser, login and access your videos.

All the classes in the Digital Class Library are organized by class name. After you access the class you’ll see all the videos for that specific class organized by date. While we don’t offer searching, finding and exploring classes is really easy. 

Yes! If we record any pop-up class we will make it available in the library.

All the classes are available to stream only.

Of course. If at anytime you want to cancel you can do so easily through our self-service billing system.

Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.

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