Sequencing Inspiration for July 2021

Additional Sequences for July

Here are a few yummy sequences you can practice on your own or share with your students. Feel free to save these on a cloud drive or print them out.

More themes to consider:

  • Power Flow Style classes (incorporate elements of Power within your classes)
  • Pitta Balancing (cooling practices for summer)
  • Focus on backbends and Brahmana (big energy) practices

Practice Journal

One of the best ways to get inspired to teach is through your own practice. Each time you practice, either on your own or in a class use this journal template to jot down what might have inspired you from the class (sequences, transitions, asana, maybe even the language or cues the teacher used) and how you felt as a result of the practice. Over time, you can reflect back on your journal entries to conceptualize new sequences if you feel bored or lacking creativity.

Atha Sequencing Template

Here’s a blank sequencing template to help plan your classes. Feel free to use this to create a binder of classes to pick from or save a folder on your cloud drive. Eventually, you’ll have a ton of classes to refer to for grab and go yummy yoga! Love your latest sequence? We want to try it! Share it with us in our Facebook Sangha group.

The body is the perfect altar for Divinity.

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