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Grounding Meditation

Ground yourself to connect more fully with Self and the freedom that comes from within.


Explore creative + juicy hip opening asana to encourage the body to “replenish” and renew itself.

Ego Eradicator

A potent, energizing meditation to bust through energetic blocks and charge your magnetic field.

Bliss Meditation

Deep bliss and joy unfold as a result of this enlightening meditation.

Pre-Meditative Asana

Enjoy this powerful little sequence either as a stand alone practice or before meditation to help bring you to samadhi.

Surya Bhedana Pranayama

Surya is the sun and bhid, the root of bhedana means to pierce or pass through. In Surya Bhedana, all the inhales are done through the right nostril and exhales are through the left. This is a digital pranayama, meaning the fingers are used to manipulate the breath.

Strong Aura

A powerful kriya practice to keep disease away and strengthen your aura!

Return to Wholeness

A total body practice designed to relax your entire being and bring you back to wholeness.

Kundalini Yoga

Work the spine from bottom to top to energize and awaken the chakras and gain a greater sense of mental clarity.

You’re the Top

Build big energy with a focus on opening the top of the thigh, hip flexors and quadriceps.

Meditation for a Calm Heart

This Kundalini meditation induces a feeling of calmness as it stills prana at its home, the heart space, creating peace.

Apa Japa: Breath Awareness

Apa Japa pranayama (sometimes referred to as ajapa), the focused repetition is on the natural rhythm of the breath. It’s a simple pranayama technique that is also considered a simple form of dharana/dhayana meditation.

On The Wall

Our favorite class of ALL time. Practice deeply grounding asana all on the wall.

The Art of Receiving

A slow, burning flow with yin. Open yourself to receive the asana, breath + meditation.

Find Your Center

Feel strong and amplify your power center with this short + potent Manipura Chakra awakening practice.

I Am Enough

Amplify your self-worth and tap into your manifesting powers with this revitalizing meditation.

Light of the Heart Meditation

Sublime kriya meditation utilizing Anahata Bhedhana and Apa Japa pranayama to facilitate peace, compassion and expand your consciousness.

Amplify Your Power

Amplify your manifesting, inner power to help you get what you want from the universe with the help of ancient yogic techniques Prana Mudra and and Manipuraka and playful asana.

Unconditional Love

Allow unconditional love to blossom in this deeply relaxing restorative practice.

Sitali Pranayama

Soothing, cooling pranayama to practice during the hot summer months or anytime you feel overheated (physically, mentally or emotionally).

Energetic Harmony

Journey through the senses as you harmonize the gunas to find peace, tranquility and harmony.

Chakra Meditation

One of our favorites! Bring your subtle anatomy into equanimity using bija mantra and yantra.

Earthly Vibes

Bring yourself back down to Earth with this calming Hatha practice featuring “earthy” asana, soothing pranayama and meditation.

Kapalabhati: Skull Shining Breath

Kapala means skull and bhati means luster. Kapalabhati is a forced exhalation practice. The inhale happens involuntarily and there’s a split second of retention after each exhale. This practice is similar to Bhastrika but the focus is on the exhalation only.

Bhastrika: Breath of Fire

Bhastrika means bellows and in this practice the air is forcibly drawn in and out as if using a pair of bellows. Both the inhale and exhale are rigorous, powerful and with the same intent. This breath practice is very popular in Kundalini yoga. It can be practiced seated, reclined or as part of an asana practice.

Lower Chakra Tune Up

Focus on the three lower/primary chakras that relate to our experience in the material world, our sexuality, creativity and sense of self. Harmonize and balance the lower chakras with this short but powerful full practice.

Vyana Vayu Meditation

Expand the capacity of your heart and find a deep state of ease and contentment with this juicy meditation!

Ultimate Chillout

Find the ultimate chill experience with this yummy, long held Restorative practice.

Nadi Shodhana

Nadis are tubes or channels that carry prana, vital energy as well as sensation, intelligence and consciousness to the causal, subtle and physical bodies. Shodhana means cleansing or purifying. This practice cleanses and purifies the nadis by alternating the breath between the nostrils. This is a digital pranayama, meaning the fingers are used to manipulate the breath.

Inspired Living

Connect to your unbound potential with this yummy kriya practice.

Fire + Ice

An exploration of fiery practices followed by mellow cooling practices to bring you into complete balance + bliss.

New Beginnings

Embrace the vulnerability of letting go and clear the path for the new beginnings of the Spring season.

Total Wellness

Create a deep sense of total wellness by working the seven energetic segments of the body.

Surya Kriya

Activate the solar energy in your body to experience warmth, vitality + clarity.

Vibrant Calm

Flow into Summer feeling vibrant, grounded and strong!

15 Minutes to Zen

Short and super sweet Restorative yoga practice that will quickly bring on relaxation and allow you to sustain it.

Vital Rest

Utilize the power of rest to explore the deepest realms of your consciousness.

So Hum

Focus the “thinking mind” on the mystery of being + connect with the greater energy of the universe in this contemplative meditation.

Pranic Balance

Focus on prana, your life force energy to create balance and soothe your nerves.

Pitta Balancing

A slow, strong practice to cool and balance summer’s Pitta energy.

Viloma Pranayama

Viloma means against the natural order of things. In Viloma Pranayama, the process of inhale and exhale is not continuous but instead is interrupted by a series of pauses (3-5), like walking up or down a set of stairs with a pause at each step. This pranayama gently introduces the concept of expanding the breath and lung capacity through controlling your breath. This practice can be done seated or lying down.

Ujjayi Pranayama

Ud means upward or expanding and Jaya means conquest or success. Ujjayi pranayama is often translated to victory breath because the lungs and chest expand out like a mighty conqueror. Ujjayi breathing is deep breathing with a slight constriction of the throat.

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
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