Aum Shanti: Peace

Aum Shanti

In Sanskrit, shanti means peace, calm or tranquility. Using the mantra Aum Shanti invokes peace for all conscious beings everywhere and awakens our divine right to live with ease in our hearts.

About Peace

The idea of peace in Western culture is often related to and dependent on the idea that certain external aspects have to be in place in order for us to achieve it. How often do you hear from others or even think to yourself, “if only this (insert object, place, situation etc) was available to me, then I could truly be content and at peace.” By placing an external value on peace, we make it incredibly hard to experience. It becomes fleeting and something we feel we have to chase.

Being in a state of peace is also often confused with spiritual bypassing, disconnection or delusion. Many people falsely believe that the way to maintain a peaceful existence is to “check out” of reality and bypass any unpleasantness by pretending everything is awesome. Aka the “love and light” syndrome we see so often in wellness circles especially now that spirituality has become more mainstream.

Being at peace does not mean we can or should avoid our feelings and pretend things are ok when they aren’t. Instead, we consistently tap into the deep well of calmness we’ve cultivated internally in order to successfully navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs from a place of tranquility.

The mantra Aum Shanti brings about a quality of inner peace, that doesn’t rely on outside factors to access. Utilizing this mantra allows serenity to blossom from within and radiate outward in all aspects of our lives.


Aum peace


  • Peace of mind
  • Serenity
  • Tranquility
  • Eases the heart

Prana... is the spirit of mantra. Mantra in turn is the expression of prana.
Whatever most engages our prana or vital energy becomes the main subject of our speech.

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