Branding Tips

Do you ever wonder what draws you to follow a particular person on social media or buy a specific product? Chances are branding has a LOT to do with it. 

“Branding” is the features that make you, or your company, product or service stand out and get noticed among the others in the industry. As a yoga teacher, your branding gives you an memorable identity, one that ideally draws your targeted audience in and inspires them to interact with you and your offerings. 

As you continue to hone your business, branding should play a large part. I like to think of it as the face of your business. Your branding is the first impression your students or clients will have and you want it to be a good one!

Brand Identity Elements

Your brand is composed of the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Colors and fonts
  • Website design
  • Content
  • Social Media / Advertising
  • Print or packaging

Within these elements, you want to create a consistent look and feel that easily identifies you and your offerings. As a yoga teacher, depending on your business and offerings, you may not utilize all these elements. For example, if you aren’t shipping anything out, you won’t need to worry about packaging. But, if you are creating little “leave behinds” or goodie bags for your students you would want to keep them on brand.

Creating Your Brand

Your brand should represent a little of you and your personality. 

When creating your brand consider:

  • What do you like?
  • What does your client like?
  • How you can put it all together

Using those prompts, you can start to work your way through the branding identity elements to create your branded look. Keep in mind that simple and clean looks are often the most effective and memorable. Look at some of the big corporations for examples: FedEX, Amazon, Starbucks. All of them use very simple, straightforward branding. You may not have even needed to google them for their branding to come to your mind! 


If you’re super creative and well versed in graphic design, you’re welcome to attempt your own logo design. However, I highly recommend having your logo designed for you. You can always tell the difference between a professionally designed logo and one that was not. The great news is that you can get a beautiful, polished logo designed on a small budget. 

Check out or to search for and hire a freelance logo designer. Be sure to have inspiration ready to share so they can create the right look. Before hiring someone, choose your brand’s colors and fonts. 

Colors and Fonts

Before you hire your logo designer, you should choose your brand’s colors and fonts. The colors and fonts you choose will determine the overall look and feel of your brand. Bold, vibrant colors have a very different energy than soft, muted ones. So again, revisit your prompts and choose what best expresses you, your services, what your clients like and the overall impression or feeling you want to create. 

When choosing colors, choose complementary colors. Pick a few light and a few dark with six total colors being the sweet spot. Choose clear, legible fonts. Stick to two fonts – one for headers and one for paragraphs.

You can find inspiration on Pinterest by searching Color Palettes, and Font Pairings.

Website Design

Like logo design, there are affordable options for website creation, design and maintenance. A lot of yoga teachers ask me why it’s important they have a website when they use social media to connect with their students?

A website is like your virtual business card. It’s a landing page for your clients to learn everything about you, what you have to offer and best of all it streamlines booking your services and offerings making it simple, clear and easy for people to pay. By having your students or clients register through one main place, you will not only make your administrative workload easier but you’ll make more revenue. 

You can design your own site by using website builders like Wix or GoDaddy or you can hire a professional to help. Our very own CTO, Randy specializes in all things web design and he’s always available to lend a hand, help with your design or just give you some feedback.

The Most Important Element of Branding

Keep everything consistent. For those of you familiar with Afterglow Yoga (the studio I owned), you’ll all probably be able to shout out the key brand identifiers – purple, smiles and fun! I used that look and feel heavily in all aspects of the branding and it drew in the students that were meant to be there. Always use your same brand colors, fonts and choose graphics that portray the right feel. Stay consistent and rinse and repeat. 

Look at some of the companies or teachers you follow to get inspired by branding. You’ll be able to tell who is being strategic about their branding and who may not. Notice how you interact with their content and offerings. Are you more apt to stay on a page that has more consistent branding?

Tech Tools to Try

Canva: My number one, go to branding tool!! You can create your “brand book” by adding in your custom colors and font pairings. Create gorgeous and custom branded graphics, flyers, social media posts and more. They have tons of stock images and templates to use and customize if you’re not feeling creative. 

Pinterest: For inspiration! Search color palettes, font pairings, branding ideas and save the ones you love in folders. or to get hex codes and complimentary colors

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