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A unique blend of On Demand and Live content to be connected in community at your convenience!

Amazing, highly recommend!

Dana is an amazing teacher. Her passion and dedication for yoga is so incredible and contagious. She was so inspiring and you can tell she put all of her heart and soul into this training. Whenever I tell my yoga teacher friends, who took other YTT, they are blown away by how in-depth this training… Read more “Amazing, highly recommend!”

Breana, 200-AYTT Graduate

It’s a training to a new life

Life changing! It’s a training to a new life. One in Union with body, mind and Soul!

Mike, 200-AYTT Graduate

A fabulously designed course

Atha Yoga Training at Afterglow Yoga was a fabulously designed course, with amazing teachers who provide guidance and support every step of the way. Dana is an incredible instructor who possesses great knowledge, but also has genuine care & concern for her students. An added bonus was making new friends who quickly became more like… Read more “A fabulously designed course”

Rita, 200-AYTT Graduate

Feels like coming home

Taking this yoga teaching journey feels like coming home. Now, I cannot picture my life or my purpose without it and without yoga. My gratitude feels too immense to express; it can only be felt, sent wordlessly. There is so much I couldn’t have fathomed at the beginning of this journey: the way I would… Read more “Feels like coming home”

Ashley, 200-AYTT Graduate

Truly inspiring and transformative

Spending 200 hours learning yoga philosophy, how to teach asana and how to live our yoga under Dana’s tutelage through the Atha moniker has been truly inspiring and transformative.  She has created a program filled with love and support firmly anchored in the sacred yogic teachings.  Our group became a family, fully committed to loving… Read more “Truly inspiring and transformative”

Janesa, 200-AYTT Graduate

Changed my life!

This teacher training changed my life!

Liz, 200-AYTT Graduate

This program was life-changing!

This program was life-changing! It was everything I imagined and then some. The course material was very well-rounded and touched on so many deeper aspects of yoga. There was also enough time budgeted for practice teaching to feel comfortable and confident going forth into the world. Then there is Dana who is a radiant light… Read more “This program was life-changing!”

Marissa, 200-AYTT Graduate

Our Story

Atha Yoga Training was founded for yoga teachers and yogi’s who want to explore the full spectrum of yoga (beyond asana!). 

As teachers ourselves, we understand the demands of teaching yoga and how important it is to keep yourself nourished, inspired and educated. We were tired of going it alone and having to settle for sporadic teacher centered practices and trainings to enrich our own teachings and practices (and also trying to fit them into our busy teaching schedules!). 

Teaching yoga can be one of the most fulfilling careers but it can also be lonely. With Atha Yoga Training, we seek to provide the community embrace that makes yoga teacher trainings so special but for us all to have access to it 24/7 and at our convenience. 

Come join our sangha of yoga teachers and stay nourished!

Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be.

Linda Sparrowe
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